Home Buyers Selection

Program "F" Home buyers training to pre-inspect a potential purchase.

This program is a version of our profession, designed to assist Home owners, buyers and sellers, judge physical property. This program trains the citizen to do a preliminary review of properties with a trained eye, before making an offer. This program is meant to assist the buyer to make an informed decision to make an offer, and understand their Home Inspectors job. This is not meant to substitute for a Home  Inspection, but assist the Home Buyer and help them choose an inspector, and know what they should be receiving in their service and final report. 

See our article,  "How to Hire a Home Inspector"

This program includes elements more familiar to the home buyer, and introduces models for the citizen to refer to.  The outline of standards is introduced and general  inspection points are explained.  

This program includes, “ the ARIES Co” home buyers course reference book.

THE COST OF THIS PART OF OUR PROGRAM IS:  ------------------$395.00     

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